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With this addition to the configuration in the settings you can modify the email systems, credit card types, pager types and phone types. You can remove existing entries, add new entries and define a entry as default value.

In addition Services will modify the way of generating phone numbers in tree points:

  1. You can specify the character(s) to insert between phone number and extension.
  2. For the usage of phone credit card you will have extensive settings.
  3. You can define several telephone providers. The one which is the cheapest at the moment will be selected automatically for dialing.

Version and Platforms

Version 3.0.2 OS 2.0 OS 2.1

What's new

  • Added the ability to deactivate all phone providers for specified work places.
  • Support for 'International toll free numbers' added.

Shareware, $15

Click here to buy it online via Kagi! Click here to buy it online via Kagi!
As comment in the Kagi order form please enter the name as displayed in the registration screen. On some devices the registration screen will display a serial number in the form xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx also. You can enter this serial numbers as comment too.

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