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The Support Policy of Softwarebüro Müller

Yes, we know that other companies claims to register before you can get support from them.

Not so at SBM!

It doesn't matter if you already have registered the appropriate software or even if you have registered any piece of software from SBM: If you get in trouble while using our software then we will support you. Simply send an email to

you will get an answer quickly (please note a possibly time deviation, i.e. if it is day in the US then it's night at here in Germany). If you can't send an email then please use our feedback form from the appropriate product page and be sure to select our support address in the form.

You can help us to locate the problem if you provide us with as much as possible informations about the problem. Please don't forget to include the device model you are using and of course you should give us a valid email address so we can answer you on your question.

Even more!

Because of the wide area of devices and software configurations we offer the following:

If you find that a SBM software is not compatible with your device type and we will get it work on that device type with your help, then you will receive a free registration code for this software!

You like to have a new feature or a new software?

Great! Please mail us your needs at

If we find this is usefull for other customers we will try to include it in a future release as soon as possible. See our Update Policy also.

You won't believe all the statements?

Simply ask one who uses one of our Newton software programs. On this platform we are working this way from start on and we get ONLY ONE refund request since 1995! Now our Windows CE users can participate in this policy also.