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The Update Policy of Softwarebüro Müller

Yes, we know that other companies will be paid for almost every update.

Not so at SBM!

Every registered user can get new versions of the registered software for free. Simply download the new version from our website or from one of the usual archive sites. Remove the old version from your device and install the new one. Enter your old registration code if you will be asked for the code. That's all! No need to re-register, no need to pay again and again just for bug corrections.

Even more!

Assuming we have added some new features to the software and we have released a new major release. Need to re-register? No! You will get such a new version for free too.

New product widely based on an existing one?

If we release a new software which is based widely on one of our existing programs then you can get this new software for a special price if you are a registered user of the 'old' software. I.e. you can get The Safe for only $10 instead of $19 if you have formerly registered Serial Numbers.

You like to have a new feature or a new software?

Great! Please mail us your needs at

If we find this is usefull for other customers we will try to include it in a future release as soon as possible. See our Support Policy also.

You won't believe all the statements?

Simply ask one who uses one of our Newton software programs. On this platform we are working this way from start on and we get ONLY ONE refund request since 1995! Now our Windows CE users can participate in this policy also.